COVID-19 PCR Swab Testing now available!

Covid-19 Swab PCR Testing is now required for individuals

travelling abroad to and from orange and red listed countries

or for work reasons.












Whether you require a test for pre-clearance to travel, work, for a hospital procedure or to avoid a prolonged self -isolation period, our service will be delivered in a practical professional clinic setting.

Myshall Health Centre can provide you with an Asymptomatic Covid 19 PCR Swab Testing Service for:

1. Pre-departure travel clearance certificate or

2. Post arrival (5 day) free movement clearance after November 29th.

The cost of the Covid PCR Swab Test is €150 with results available in only 24-48 hours.

Booking can be made by contacting us on our phone number 059-9157633 or 0871746533. Our phone lines are increasingly busy; if we don't get back to you, send us an email at


Note: This test if for asymptomatic individuals only. If you have Covid-19 symptoms, you must attend a National Test centre, which we can arrange for you.  Asymptomatic children can also avail of this service, but must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

On the Day of your Appointment:

When you attend your appointment, to limit the potential for cross infection, please:

  • Wear a face mask

  • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment time (waiting rooms will not be available)

  • Do not bring anyone with you unless absolutely necessary.


Further information on the Covid -19 Swab PCR Test :

This is a test carried by a qualified clinician, dressed in PPE, who takes a swab sample from your nose and from the back of your throat. This test will indicate the presence or not of COVID-19 in your body.  This short process may be uncomfortable but is not painful.  You should receive results within 24 hours.


What happens if my test is negative?

If your test is negative you will receive a text message advising you that your Covid-19 test is negative.

We will provide you with a certificate with your Covid-19 Swab result


What happens if my test is positive?

If your Covid-19 test is positive, a member of our clinical team will contact you by phone and advise you of the positive Covid-19 test result.

Following this, a member of the HSE’s public health clinical team will contact you to commence contact tracing and organise testing for Covid-19 for your close contacts.